About the Newsletter

The Singular Diligence team constantly scours the globe to find the stock that best meets Warren Buffett's definition of intelligent investment: A wonderful business at an attractive price

We investigate the business and report our findings in 9 articles, each over 1,300 words long, with 10 charts and 5 peer comparisons, covering the following:

  • How durable is the business?
  • How wide is the moat? Is it sustainable?
  • How high is the business quality?
  • How has management allocated capital?
  • Our estimate of the company's intrinsic value
  • What is the company's potential for growth, and
  • Why the market has misjudged it.


  • Historical financial data
  • Peer comparisons
  • Owner earnings calculation
  • Intrinsic value appraisal
  • Margin of safety measurement

We provide all the information you need--the facts, quotes, and financial data--to put you in a position to make an informed decision about the stock.

Each year, we deliver 8 to 10 reports on the right stocks, at the right time. Pay yearly or pay monthly.

About the Team

"I believe that good, buy-and-hold investing requires unusual patience and discipline."

Geoff Gannon
Writer, Email geoff@singulardiligence.com

"High-quality businesses can stand the test of time. I look forward to seeing ours do so."

Quan Hoang
Analyst, Email quan@singulardiligence.com

"It is extremely difficult to find businesses that will outperform over the long-term, but the rewards of compound growth make the search worthwhile."

Tobias Carlisle
Publisher, Email tobias@singulardiligence.com

Our Philosophy

Finding an above-average company at attractive price is no easy task. It requires meticulous diligence on its business, and its management, to ensure that both are first class. That's our specialty.

The only way to give that kind of diligence its due is to focus on a single idea at a time. That's what we do.

We show our work. We explain why each company is a good buy and hold investment, and why it’s the best stock we could find this month. We put you in the position to make the portfolio manager's informed purchase decision.

Our very long-term focus means that we never revisit the idea, and we'll never tell you to sell. Like Warren Buffett, our favorite holding period is forever.

Once we've delivered a report, we move on to our next best idea. We don’t look back.

For that reason, we only profile stocks that can deliver long-term (from 3 to 5 years) compound growth, and safety of principal.

And we only deliver reports at the right time.

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